Wanxin is a market-leader in the steel pipe manufacturing equipment industry. Steel pipes are of course a huge part of infrastructure as they are used to transport water, fuel, waste and a diverse array of other compounds our modern societies vitally need in order to operate normally. We manufacture top quality stainless steel tube making machines so that our clients can produce all of the steel pipe industry products they need. Our comprehensive line of steel pipe production machinery, includes: ERW pipe mill, SSAW pipe mill, slitting line, cold-formed steel production line, etc. All steel pipe making machines are built in accordance with API, BS, ASTM, JIS and GB standards. We can offer turnkey steel tube production lines as well as installation and commissioning services upon request; but if you don't find exactly what you need, one of our engineering experts can help customize our products to your exact specifications and needs.We are ready to partner with all steel pipe manufacturers.

Main products
    1. ERW Pipe Mill

      Model: ERW32
      Pipe sizes (mm): Φ10-Φ32
      Rollforming speed (m/min): 70-100
      Steel strip t hickness (mm): 1.0-3.0


      For steel pipe manufacturers, delivering the best value for money is the key to winning over pipe customers. To do so, they need advanced manufacturing processes backed up by top-notch equipment. Wanxin as a specialist ERW pipe mill manufacturer works with many well-known steel pipe makers in the world, helping them design and build welded pipe production lines for high quality pipes in rectangular and round cross sections.

    1. Steel Coil Slitting Line

      Model: ZJ 400
      Material Thickness(mm) : 0. 8~4.0
      Coil weight(MT) : 5
      Plate width(mm) : 40 0


      From complete coil slitting line to individual components for line retrofits, we make Wanxin slitting solutions work out for customer specific application. Wanxin slitting line cuts narrow coils from jumbo coils to meet the need of welded pipe producers and strip steel suppliers alike. In the meanwhile, this coil slitter also performs the function of a flattening machine.

    1. Cold-Formed Steel Production Line

      Model: LW-200
      Thickness (mm): 1~3
      Coil weight(MT) : 5
      Forming speed (m/min): 20~80


      Cold forming steel mill is used to open and level certain-width rolled plates and then send the plate into the forming machine, and bend the plates in cold state to the required shape by rollers.

    1. Roll Forming Machine

      Wanxin, a specialist cold-formed steel production line supplier, offers a range of roll forming machines for C-beams, rectangular tubes, and other tube profiles that meet customer requirements.

    1. Sizing Mill

      In a sizing mill, each welded tube or pipe obtains its final shape and size, all the while gaining sufficient, uniform rigidity. Robust framework, paired with the Turks-head, ensures the straightness of the steel tube.

    1. Cut To Length Line

      On the cut-to-length line, each pipe is automatically tracked and precisely cut to length. Advanced CNC technology accurately controls the movement of two milling cutters along their separate axes.

    1. Welded Steel H/I Beams Production

      This structural steel fabrication equipment also allows us to produce H section steel or I section steel in widths ranging from 50mm to 350mm and heights between 60mm and 600mm.

    1. Steel Pipe Galvanizing

      Hot galvanizing line is used to produce corrosion-resistant and smooth layer on the surface of raw pipes after cleaning. Wanxin can produce hot galvanizing pipe mill in specifications ranging from 1/2inch to 10inches.

    1. Roller

      Setting with R&D Dept. and equipped with various manufacturing facilities and over 100 sets of CNC machines, Wanxin Ocean can design and produce high-frequency welded pipe roller for ¢10-¢660mm pipe, cold-formed steel production line and square/rectangular pipe.