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Welded Steel H/I Beams Production

H-Beam Production Line - Welded Steel H Beams / Welded Steel I Beams Production

The features of HFW light H-beam production
1. Fast speed, high efficiency
2. Small heat affected zone, little deformation
3. Different kinds of materials can be welded together.
4. It can realize micro-tension control.
5. High product precision
6. High section performance
7. We can manufacture non-standard product according to users’ designated specs.
8. This product line applies to light steel structure.

1. Web recoiling
2. Pinching and leveling
3. Shearing/end welding
4. Spiral accumulator
5. Trimming the edges

6. Twisting to 90° angle
7. Printing
8. Tension control
9. Pinching
10. Double pinching

11. Spiral accumulator
12. Shearing/end welding
13. Pinching and leveling
14. Top flange recoiling

15. Spiral accumulator
16. Shearing/end welding
17. Pinching and leveling
18. Bottom flange recoiling

19. Tension control
20. Double pinching
21. Webs upsetting
22. HF welding
23. Cleaning welded joints

24. Cutting to length
25. Drawing
26. Straightening
27. H steel length counting
28. Cooling

29. Transferring
30. Stacking
31. Banding
32. Storage
33. Delivery

Height Min. 60mm Max. 800mm
Width Min. 50mm Max. 400mm
Web Thickness Min. 2.2mm Max. 14.0mm
Flange Thickness Min. 2.3mm Max. 16.0mm

The welded I profile or welded H profile produced by Wanxin welding machines delivers excellent flexural strength and wear resistance. This structural steel fabrication equipment also allows us to produce H section steel or I section steel in widths ranging from 50mm to 350mm and heights between 60mm and 600mm.

Technical Specifications of H-Beam (mm)
Height Min. 60 Max. 600
Width Min. 50 Max. 350
Web thickness Min. 2.2 Max. 90
Flange thickness Min. 2.3 Max. 140

Why choose Wanxin?
1. Technical strength: The H-beam welding line is the result of our partnership with well-known Chinese research concerns. Our technical department is always ready and willing to provide technical support to customers during and after their purchase.
2. Knowing that high frequency welding produces intense heat causing unwanted thermal stress, Wanxin makes a point to reduce the area of heat-affected zone in the project design phase, which ensures project quality.
3. Our turn-key project service gives customers the best service ever.
4. We can build our HF welding line for pipes meeting API, BS, ASTM, and JIS standards.

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