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Steel Pipe Galvanizing

Hot Dip Galvanizing Line - Steel Pipe Galvanizing

Hot galvanizing line is used to produce corrosion-resistant and smooth layer on the surface of raw pipes after cleaning. The main equipment sets include: drying oven, heating furnace, galvanizing machine, drawing machine, drawing upward unit, pulling out roller, moving device, internal blowing with steam and air combination, (organized rod international) laying flat device, cooling tank, spraying conveyor, mark convener, blue ring machine, electrical device and so on. Wanxin can produce hot galvanizing pipe mill in specifications ranging from 1/2inch to 10inches.

1. Welded pipes
2. Denominational
3. Acid treatment
4. Water cleaning
5. Applying imp regnant

6. Drying
7. Hot-dip galvanizing
8. External blowing
9. Internal blowing
10. Air cooling

11. Water cooling
12. Passive
13. Drying
14. Marking
15. Inspection

16. Packaging
17. Finished products

Components that make up this hot dip galvanizing equipment include the drying furnace, heating furnace, galvanizing mechanism, drawing-off roller, drawing-up mechanism, floating roller, conveyor, blower (using a combination of steam and air to dry off inside pipes), leveling mechanism, cooling water channel, spray painting system (available with rolls), letter printing system(available with rolls), blue ribbon applicator, and electrical system. This production line is suitable for handling steel pipes in 0.5 to 10 inch diameter.

Process Flow of Hot Dip Galvanizing Line
Raw material (black iron pipe)-Degreasing- Pickling-Rinsing-Applying solvents-Drying-Hot dip galvanizing- Blowing (outside pipe) -Blowing (inside pipe)-Air cooling- Water cooling-Passivation-Drying-Letter printing-Inspection-Packaging-Finished products

Hot Dip Galvanizing Machine Model Selection
Serial No. Product Spec. (inch) Operating Mode Pipe Wall Thickness (mm) Pipe Length (m) Production Speed (m/min) Inside Pipe Blowing Equipment Footprint (m2) Plant area (m2 )
1 1/2-2 Double process line 1.8-3.25 6 34-36 Steam 3×30 18× 110
2 1/2-4 Single process line 1.8-3.75 6-8 Double process line 28-30 Steam 3×30 18× 110
Single process line 12-15 Guide roll 3×30 18× 110
3 3-8 Single process line 3.75-5.0 6-8 3-4inch 28-30 Guide roll 3×30 18× 110
5-8inch 12-15 Guide roll 3×30 18× 110
4 6-10 Single process line 5.0-7.5 6 8-12 Guide roll 3×30 18× 110
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