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Setting with R&D Dept. and equipped with various manufacturing facilities and over 100 sets of CNC machines, Wanxin Ocean can design and produce high-frequency welded pipe roller for ¢10-¢660mm pipe, cold-formed steel production line and square/rectangular pipe. Wanxin Ocean’s advanced equipment, strong design team, and precision QC method ensure the good quality of roller moulds.

Production Capability
Our in-house research and development capability, paired with more than 100 sets of manufacturing equipment and CNC machine tools, allows us to produce various square and rectangular steel rollers. Top-notched production equipment, along with an expert engineering team, completed by advanced measuring and testing techniques, ensures the quality of our roller tooling.

Process Flow

1.Section design
2. Molding process
3. Molding simulation
4. Cost estimate
5. Customer contract

6. Steel roller selection
7. Forged parts size
8.Rough machining
9. Heat treatment
10. Pipe end face boring

11. NC machining
12. Roller
13. Drawing print-out
14. Structural design
15. Process design

16. NC programming
17. Program transfer
18. Volume production
19.Deliver to user
20. Inspection and commissioning

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