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Partner Examples

Bazhou Wanxin Industrial is focused in the steel pipe manufacturing industry. We have been engaged upon this endeavor for over 20 years and we possess the know-how and experience to supply the reliable steel tube making machines available on the market today. We are exporter to destinations all over the world. Check some of our clients details to be sure our company's reputation around the world.

1. A client from Kyrgyzstan
As the largest iron and steel monopoly in Kyrgyzstan, this client spent more than one hundred million yuan in building asteel tube mill and importing machining equipment. We supplied them with three ERW pipe production lines and slitting lines; other steel pipe manufacturing equipment will be provided in our continuous cooperation.

Time of cooperation: 2014.6
Ordered Equipment: ZF50ERW .76.133.ZJ1600
Detail: We began our negotiation in March, 2014; after their visit and investigation in China, they finally decided to cooperate with us and signed an agreement in June, 2014; they had started efficient steel pipe production after their acceptance of our equipment in December, 2014.

2. A customer from Egypt
Time of cooperation: 2014.7
Ordered equipment: ZF219 ERW pipe mill (for straight seam, 219mm diameter pipes)
Detail: The Egyptian clients came to know us towards the end of 2013 and visited our company several times. They asked us many detailed questions and we answered them carefully. After getting a thorough understanding of our process flow, the customer decided to sign a contract with us in July 2014. By December 2014, the order was completed. One month later, the customer accepted our project and put it into good use. Up till now, the equipment has been running perfectly.

3. A customer from Bangladesh
Time of cooperation: 2014.7
Ordered equipment: ZF60, ZF114, ZJ1600 hot dip galvanizing line
Detail: Our negotiation started at the end of 2013. Because the project was worth nearly 20 million RMB, their CEO and engineers came to visit us many times. Finally in July 2014, the customer contracted that project to us. Thus far, we have finished the better part of the project.

4. A customer from Ethiopia
Time of cooperation: 2013.5
Ordered equipment: ZJ1250mm slitter
Detail: Our talk with the Ethiopian client started from 2013. The customer visited us and finally chose us as their reliable partner.

5. Clients' visit

  • Client from Iran
  • Client from Kyrgyzstan
  • Client from Macedonia
  • International Clients
  • Client from Bangladesh
  • Client from Bangladesh
  • Client From Bangladesh
  • Client from Kenya
  • Client From Iran
  • Client From Russia
  • Client From Saudi Arabia

6. Jinghua Innovation Group
Jinghua Innovation Group Co., Ltd., a steel pipe manufacturing company, was established in February 2003 with a registered capital of 580 million yuan; it currently has more than 5,000 employees and a production capacity of 500 million tons, ranking the forefront among peers in terms of production scale and product variety.

It features "Hua Qi" brand steel pipes, involving more than ten varieties like ERW pipe, hot dip galvanized steel pipe, spiral submerged arc welded pipe, petroleum line pipe, oil casing, tubing, FBE anti-corrosion steel pipe, 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe, etc. Its products have been exported to over 10 countries and regions, including Asia, Europe and Africa. X80 grade steel pipes can be produced in accordance with the Chinese standard, American Standard, British standard, Japanese standard, German standard in the oil and gas, chemical, fire protection and other industries.

Time of cooperation: 2012.10
Ordered Equipment: Φ32-219mm ERW pipe mill, hot dip galvanizing line, slitting line
Detail: We began our negotiation in the early stage of 2012 and they ordered the above equipment in the middle of 2012; the production cycle was about 7 months and we accomplished the production in the early stage of 2013.

7. Hao Li Lai Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.
Guangxi Hao Li Lai Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. was founded on the 2nd, February, 2013. With the headquarter located in Qinzhou, Guangxi Province, it is a large-scale private enterprise engaged in the research, development, design, processing, production and sales of welded pipes, hot-dip galvanized steel pipes, spiral-welded steel pipes, rectangular pipes, casing pipe, stainless steel pipe, natural gas line pipe, profile pipe, and more.

Time of cooperation: 2014.5
Ordered Equipment: Φ32-219mm ERW pipe mill, hot dip galvanizing line, slitting line
Detail: At the beginning of 2014, we discussed with Haolilai several times on that bid matter. On May 2, 2014, we signed a contract with the company, undertaking to build the largest H-beam welding line ever seen in the world.

8. Sanzheng Steel Tube Co., Ltd.
Sanzheng Steel Tube is an influential steel pipe manufacturer in Yunan that gains strong support from its local government and that of Southwest China. The company manufactures 500,000 tons of steel products a year, which translates into 2.5 billion RMB worth of annual output value. The square pipes, large straight seam welded pipes, steel strips, and steel coils are some of its main products.
Time of cooperation: 2012.9
Ordered equipment: ZF300 (square)
Detail: At the beginning of 2012, we started to negotiate with Sanzheng on a project offered by them. In September 2012, we won that bid and set out to build the contracted equipment which is currently operating properly at customer's site. Due to the stability and durability of our products, we gain high praise from Sanzheng.

9. Haihua Petroleum Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.
Haihua Petroleum Steel Pipe is a joint venture co-founded by Jin Yang Corrosion Engineering, UMW Holdings (Malaysia),andInternational Elite Limited. The company produces pipes as well as provides corrosion resistance solutions. With industry-leading welded pipe equipment and corrosion resistant coating line, Haihua holds the quality of its products to API standards.

Time of cooperation:2011.10
Ordered equipment: ZF200 (square)
Detail: Early in 2011, we talked with Haihua on business matters. In October 2011, we accepted the bid invitation and won that bid. The equipment we made for them is still running in top shape, which helps us win high praise.