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Our experienced and professional employees provides whole-process and comprehensive consultation service including:

1. Technical consultation
We can help customer to do a technical design based on their demand and existing production status; meanwhile, we also support our customers in terms of the related issues, such as existing infrastructure, mill structure, reserved space, etc.

2. Cost estimation
According to your requirement and our agreement after communication, we will initially offer the cost estimation of the procurement of stand-alone equipment or the entire production line.

3. After-sale consultation
We supply face-to-face training to enable customers to clearly know the steel pipe making machinery as well as the operation and maintenance methods, which can effectively extend the service life.


In our R&D system, there are six departments formed by professorial senior engineers, including many specialists of ERW pipe mill, SSAW pipe mill and slitting line. They are the back-up force of our product upgrade and product design.

As for the product design, we fully consider customer needs and flexibly create the plan instead of stopping at the boundary of standardization.


In terms of mill construction, we will provide customers with a clear foundation drawing and the overall arrangement of the power distribution, so as to help customers solve installation problems in advance.


Our two production bases, covering a total area of 224,000 square meters, are equipped with more than 300 sets of machining equipment. Our steel tube processing equipment and accessories feature high precision and stable operation.


Located in Bazhou City, Hebei Province, we enjoy convenient transportation and ship our cargos from the Tianjin Port, where is 70km away from us.


If you have purchased our steel tube production line, we will spare no effort to provide you with the best installation and commissioning service as well as whole-process tracking. We have an excellent overseas service team formed by engineers and after-sales service staff; plus the industry leading design and highly efficient machining equipment, we can accomplish the turnkey project within the shortest period.

Installation and commissioning

Wanxin will take the initiative to provide customers with training on the operation and maintenance of steel pipe manufacturing equipment, allowing us to not only effectively solve problems and issues in the manufacturing process, but also timely collect customer feedback for the adjustment of our service process and product update.

Accessories supply

We will ship the machine parts together with the equipment; in order to meet users' urgent needs, there are a certain amount of accessories for welded pipe mill, CFS pipe mill, high frequency H beam production line, slitter cutter, etc. in our warehouse.

We will provide our partners with accessories at the most favorable price within the shortest lead time, facilitating your steel pipe production.